The Image Works Corporation, “We serve with Passion and We are on IT for you.”

The Image Works  Corporation 


The Image Works Corporation Story

It was my desire to follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps as a Business Leader; thus, I chartered The Image Works Corp. on July 15, 2005.

Alicia J. Alexander, President of  The Image Works Corporation, established The Image Works Corporation to be a “Truth” Media firm in order to shine the spotlight on your business. The Image Works Corporation specializes in Business Financial Coaching and Public Relations.

At The Image Works Corporation, we work for our Clients.

The Image Works Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Governance and Ideology…

It is always great to practice philanthropy at the Holiday Season; yet, it is even better to be philanthropic all year! Practicing the fundamental Debt Elimination Process Philosophy found via this link:  on “The Money Facts Page” by The Image Works Corporation, helps a person know the fundamentals for a prosperous household and organization.

“Communication: Couples, Talk! Singles, Think! (Talk to God to be strategic)”


  •  Alicia J. Alexander is the Owner of The Image Works Corporation based in the State of Rhode Island.
  • Alicia J. Alexander is a “Phenomenal” Creative Business Finance writer. She focuses on the Celebrity and/or Business Owner Client.
  • Alicia shares strategic information to help you grow your Business.
  • Alicia promotes the Executive or Business Owner to achieve their Business goals.
  • Finally, but most importantly, Alicia J. Alexander is a Believer in Christ who deals justly in Business.

“As Alicia J. Alexander trusts in her God, You can trust Alicia J. Alexander.”  The Image Works Corporation Blog credence statement.

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English: Flag of the state of Rhode Island fly...

English: Flag of the state of Rhode Island flying over the Rhode Island State House in Providence. Taken by me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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