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Happy Thursday, August 28, 2014. Welcome to… #TheKingdomofHisDearSon

The Kingdom of His Dear Son experience  God is Love… Glorious Perfect Love. With this understanding, when does God allow “hate” in His Presence… never! As a matter-of-fact, God commands respect and; thus, the Man (male and female) response would be repentance to maintain the Glorious Perfect Love relationship with The Eternal Living God.


Do not allow unforgiveness to consume you. Remember, the atomic measurement of Glorious Perfect Love is still love or by Man’s (male and female) observation may be labeled, “like.”


“Be Empowered To Prosper.” 

Thank You, Cartier (Photo credit).



Happy Friday, September 19, 2014.

Welcome to… #TheKingdomofHisDearSon.

The Kingdom of His Dear Son experience .

God is Love… Glorious Perfect Love. 

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