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The Crowning GoalThe Image Works Corporation (1)

(East Providence, RI, USA, June 21, 2014)  Your cognition, core knowledge, and captivation filled with empowering life-giving words will cause you to triumph in every area of your life in equilibrium. Recognition of the words that exit our thoughts whether through speech, writing or action is necessary. We must inventory of our attitude on daily basis.

When we as Business Leaders know and understand our purpose we synergistically work together. I am not you; therefore, I cannot fulfill your purpose. Vice versa, you are not me; therefore, you cannot fulfill my purpose. Hence, to know our maker and ourselves is the goal for which we strive. This is the crowning goal in this life to know and understand our purpose to serve God and our brother and sister regardless of race and creed. To reach the end of a life and not have recognized the words in our sphere were hindering our progress of recognizing our maker or our true self, oh how tragic! People we must do better in our daily lives with family, with friends, with colleagues, with the generation preceding our personal generation, with the generation who follow our personal generation. We must do better. It is not the amount of finances that we “sweat for” or, “hoard” that marks our success; nor, the amount that we give. It is the amount of compassion and love we gave to our fellow human beings. At the end of the life journey is too late to ask, “How am I doing on this life journey with my fellow brother and sister?” We must ask this question to ourselves daily. We must address the words we possess in our sphere on a daily basis.

We must conquer fear with agape-love: pure spiritual love and follow through with natural love for our maker and our fellow mankind (male and female respectfully). Respect, Spiritual and Natural Love for our family, neighbor, colleagues, and elders , is, indeed, our responsibility in this life. Yet, this recognition begins in the homes with our families and us. When we do this on a daily basis and we begin to see the effect of change, then we can declare we begin to know, understand, more importantly to grasp the crowning goal in this life.  Written by: Alicia J. Alexander, President of The Image Works Corporation

The Image Works Corporation's President Alicia J. Alexander

Alicia J. Alexander, President of The Image Works Corporation is a Media Communications expert. Her background extends from Fashion to working in the Legal arena. Alicia J. Alexander is a Master of Science in Accounting student at Grand Canyon University. She is a graduate student enrolled in the online M.S.A program. Alicia J. Alexander completed her undergraduate work at Providence College by way of The George Washington University’s Public Relation program. She has two adult children.

 Alicia J. Alexander’s humble beginnings

Alicia Johanna Alexander was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the city of Port-Of- Spain. My parents John Oswald Alexander, Joan Alexander and I arrived in Boston, Massachusetts from Trinidad and Tobago on January 25, 1971. Alicia was 2.5 years old. From 2.5 years until 11 years, my family lived in Boston, MA. We moved to Rhode Island in December 1979. Alicia J. Alexander presently lives in East Providence, Rhode Island. The unique feature in Alicia’s life is her early professional development years were in Tysons Corner, Northern VA in the Fashion and Finance fields. Alicia J. still keeps in contact with her church, Living Faith Church of Manassas, VA.


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