How Sound Is Your Data Bank?

my-office_84121.jpgHow Sound Is Your Data Bank?                 Written By Alicia J. Alexander, President of The Image Works Corporation.

“Business Community” Did you know?  The Image Works Corporation aims to be your Rhode Island headquartered “Positive” Media Communications business.


(East Providence, RI May 28, 2014) What a person knows, a person will believe, a person will receive, a person will obey, a person will speak, a person will say, a person will do, and, a person will reflect upon.

Hence, it is necessary to review the facts of your knowledge. Good knowledge will produce bountiful fruit when a person proceeds through this process. Evil knowledge will produce destruction. The difference in the knowledge is whom does your knowledge benefit? If a person has knowledge to benefit a large population for positive action, it is good. If a person has knowledge to benefit a small population yet, this knowledge polarizes the population, it is evil. The wise person will check the knowledge that person possesses.


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