The Image Works Corporation Empowers Your Business

The Image Works Corporation empowers your Business to prosper via talents Corporate Nightsin Social Media; Business; Advertising; Public Relations; Marketing; Small Business; Entrepreneurship; Accounting; Architecture Branding;  Communications; Economics; Finance; Investing; Philosophy; and, Writing.

The Image Works Corporation aims to be your Rhode Island headquartered “Positivity” Media Communications Business. The Image Works Corporation business community purpose is, “Go local to go global.”

The Image Works Corporation empowers you to solve:

Your EQ/IQ Conundrum

  • What do you do when you encounter a roadblock?
  • How do you solve problems?
  • What words do you say when you encounter a challenge, a conundrum or, a crisis?
  • Which strategy do you employ in decision-making? Do you like the results?
  • How do you communicate to your Customers, Clients, and Team?
  • What is your underlying philosophy guiding your Business practices?
  • Finally, what is your focus in your business practice?

Contacts Alicia J. Alexander, President: 

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