Mysterious Customer Orders 115 Bottles Of Wine To Be Sent To Vatican City… Really?

Holy See

Mysterious Customer Orders 115 Bottles Of Wine To Be Sent To Vatican City: A mysterious customer ordered…. ^AJ

A Lesson in Philanthropy~ Alicia J. Alexander – The Image Works Corporation

“You rarely spend that much on wine. $20 a bottle. And then spend $20 on shipping to get it to Europe. And there’s no card. No congratulations,” he said.

Carpenter said the red Zinfandel, however, is no stranger to the Vatican.

“That region of (Puglia, Italy) was actually named because Pope Benedict XIII in the 18th century bought lots of wine from that region,” he said.

Carpenter believes the person picked his shop because the Redd Collection comes up first on, but he’s honored, nonetheless.

“It’s a big moment in history…picking a new pope. So it’s a good thing,” he said.

What can we learn about a Business man’s generosity to the Vatican? Was it a penitence opportunity? Or, was it a graciousness bestowed upon those in Religious Leadership? I believe that there are times when God leads us to give generously as those who have talents, skills, and/or opportunity. And, who does not fit into this category? Certainly from the onset of the original title, one wonder what was the motive. Yet, at face value, “What a generous Business man!” is the sentiment. At least, I felt this way.

What can we learn from this article? When you give as a Business person, do we need to put our names in the public to be seen? Or, shall give with respect. Personally, to give with respect is ideal. As a person who supports philanthropy, the ideal philanthropic opportunity is to allow the institution to know my name and the company yet, no it is not necessary to reveal that the gift came from me in the public. God is the one who blesses for our gift-giving thus, we give God’s way.  Philanthropy is not a “self” issue. Philanthropy is an “Agape” and graciousness is the purity motive. Let us review our motive when giving in order to receive the reward from God Himself.

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English: Seal of the State of Vatican City  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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