A Tribute to Zig Ziglar… RIP

Well, it is the evening of November 28th and I what I thought would be an exhilarating evening has manifested a painful, doldrums, melancholic evening due to the homegoing of one my most heroic National Speaker, Mr. Zig Ziglar.

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news and ask for to consider joining the Image Werks Corporation Google+ Hangout tomorrow. It is my desire to make this a Tribute to Mr. Zig Ziglar.


My heart is hurting because one of our National Speakers has gone home to be with The Lord. Mr. Zig Ziglar died today, the day before my Google+ Meeting. I am making the debut a Tribute to him. I would love it if, you would attend. Here are the details, “Mr. Ziglar, enjoy your new home. This one’s for you.”

The Network, “A Sym-bio-tic Community”

The Network, “A Symbiotic Community”

hosted by: Image Werks Corporation

Debut Topic ~ “Being You in Business”

Because, No Man is an island to themselves, Image Werks Corporation has established “The Network, A Symbiotic Community.”

An online weekly, Thursday lunch Networking Meeting and bi-monthly local, group meeting.

Sample of Weekly Topics: 

“Being You in Business”

Your True Identity In Business

Don’t Avoid Your Skills

Bring Life to Vision

The Network: “A Symbiotic Community” by, Image Werks Corporation

*** An Online/Local Meeting group

*** Grows Your Business

*** Bi-monthly Luncheon



*** Spotlight Individuals on Corporate Blog – Permanent reference base (Publicity)
*** Share Member businesses on Social Media (Social Media Campaign)
*** Weekly Online Meeting (begins Thursday, November 29,2012, 11:45 AM), generally between the hours of 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
*** Bi-Monthly local Lunch Meeting for to share Business challenges and successes
*** Available to Social Media News tailored to Business Development and Economic Development shared to Members on their chosen sites
*** End of year event , December 27, 2012, The last Thursday of December – Accountant’s perspective

My Tribute…

The Tribute…
I get so involved with our profession of encouragement and blessing others through Social Media, Public Relations, and Publicity. Yet, today was a difficult one with the passing of Zig Ziglar. #LifeIsTooPreciousNotToCare about others.

This debut is now a Tribute to Mr. Zig Ziglar.


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